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Making his mark: a reunion of historical importance

The reunion of exceptional sets: the mission of a passionate antique dealer 


Exceptionnal testimony of the art of ceramic at the era of the Sun King, Camille Leprince had a key role in reuniting an unique Nevers faience set of a monumental ewer and basin painted with Pastoral and Turkish figures on blue ground so called « bleu persan ». 

The New-York based French faience collector Sidney Knafel acquired the ewer in the late 1990's. Only a few months before the exhibition of his collection held at the Frick Collection, Camille Leprince managed to source an unique basin that belonged to the same family for almost an entire century.

This unique ensemble is a promised gift by Sidney R. Knafel to the Frick Collection, New-York. 


Basin in the shape of a basket painted in Bleu Persan with a Pastorale scene

Nevers, circa 1670-1680

L. 58 cm


Monumental ewer painted in Bleu Persan with Turkish figures and Pastorale figures

Nevers, circa 1670-1680

H. 80 cm


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