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Feu et Talent

Flexibility, quality and seriousness make 'Feu et Talent' the ideal publishing company for collectors who wish to catalogue, photograph or have their collections researched and published in small quantity editions. 

Publication services are available for both private and public institutions. To discuss publication services with Camille, send an email or call for direct enquiries.


Camille's own publications are made to accompany his exhibitions at fairs and galleries. The aim of these publications is to enrich the exhibition with academic input with the collaboration of renowned experts and curators. Hard copies of the publications are available to purchase. 

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Napoléon & Sèvres. L'art de la porcelaine au service de l'Empire.

To establish his power and a new dynasty: the Bonaparte, Napoléon I appointed empereur des français in 1804, abundantly used the resources of the Sèvres porcelain manufactory.

With the appointment of a new director, Alexandre Brongniart, the Sèvres manufactory regained the splendor lost after the Revolution. Under the directorship of Alexandre Brongniart, Sèvres achieved a remarkable level of artistic and technical skill of painted decoration that has never been surpassed. 

The former royal manufactory of porcelain became the imperial manufactory of porcelain to supply the Maison de l’Empereur (the Emperor’s household) in order to furnish the imperial palaces, to supply the tables of the Emperor and to offer a wide variety of diplomatic gifts.

Under the direction of 

 Camille Leprince

with the contribution of

Tamara Préaud, Catherine Trouvet, Christophe Beyeler, Christophe de Quénetain Guillaume Séret


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