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Comédies de Faïence

For the 11th Parcours de la Céramique et des Arts du Feu, in September 2018, we have showcased for the first time an unique group of four figures inspired by the French Comédie, coming from the princely collection of the Baden-Baden family. 

These superb white tin-glazed earthenware sculptures are amongst the best testimonies of the production of sculpture at the Hannong manufactory under the directorship of Paul Hannong.

They show the high skills of the talented modelers working at the Hannong manufactory during the mid-18th century. 


BACK TO DERUTA Sacred and Profane Beauty

Museo Regionale della Ceramica, Deruta, 2018

Camille Leprince and Justin Raccanello were proud to bring back to Deruta, their place of origin, these masterpieces produced in Deruta workshops during the Quattrocento and the first half of the Cinquecento

That is why the exhibition was named “Back to Deruta”. We made great efforts in adding exceptional pieces lent from private collections especially for the Italian show. It was all made possible thanks to the expertise of Dr. Elisa Sani, Giulo Busti and Franco Cocchi, and also the support of Michele Toniaccini, mayor of Deruta.


Exceptional drug ewer belonging to the “Testa di Moro” group dated 1501. 


Inscribed with a pharmaceutical inscription: “MELE.VIOLATO” (“miele di viole”), and dated 1501. It bears a coat of arms with the acronym “PAM” o “PAQ” crowned by a cross. This piece belongs to a group of rare and fine pharmaceutical all painted with a maure-head. The other example also from the Sprovieri is today in the collection of Cassa di Risparmia. One must link it to the lustred example dated held in the collection of the British Museum, London.


Private collection  

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